Celebrate YOUR Employees this month! Employee Spirit Month - Casper Area Chamber of Commerce Good morale means employees are productive, collaborate better, miss fewer workdays, and feel more satisfied by their work
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Celebrate YOUR Employees this month! Employee Spirit Month

Posted by Kim Coleman on March 2nd, 2017

Take part in Employee Spirit Month by inspiring and improving employee morale and spirit.  Your employees performance depends on their attitude; when they are not happy doing what they do, they don't it as well. On the other hand, employee performance is unlimited when they truly like what they are doing and feel appreciated. 

To kick off Employee Spirit Month, here are some tips on how to improve employee spirit and make work a "fun" place to go!


1. Recognize Accomplishments

This tip is so simple it's insane!  Just tell people when they're doing a great job! Praise your employees at staff meetings, on company social media, or even through Sinclair Casper Refining Company's "Caught You Being Good" Acknowledgement!  All of these are free and easy ways to let your employees know their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

2. Distribute Responsibilities

Every employee can point out inefficiencies in an organization, but not all of them feel empowered enough to do so.  Listen to your employees to learn about the things that "get in the way of the good job they want to do".  After you know barriers, involve them in the process of eliminating them.  Using this approach is a simple way of increasing productivity and potential earnings.


3. Available, Listening, & Engaging

People want to feel that their work and opinions are valued.  Take some time to talk to individual employees, ask questions, and solicit ideas.  This can allow your employees to take pride in knowing their opinions matter and therefore will encourage them to go the extra mile and be loyal. 


4. Offer Personal & Professional Development Trainings

Professional Development Training is not only an investment in your employees, but it is also an investment in your organization's overall success. Your employees are the most important asset your company has, and investing in your employees ultimately re-invests in the business. Comprehensive training programs can allow you to instill essential skills, foster leadership, improve motivation and morale, as well as build the strongest workforce possible.


5. Small Perks + Personal Impact

In an economy where employees are often overworked and many businesses are pulling the plug on raises and extra benefits, some companies are rewarding staff members with perks that truly make a difference in the lives of their employees.  Instead of giving your employees a bonus, maybe give them a gift card to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique.  While paying for talent is important, money isn't the only thing that makes people happy at work.  Be creative in your efforts to get and keep the very best employees.


6. Keep 'em in the Loop

Nobody likes to be the last to know, but when employees don't know what's going on in their own company.  Issues can rise with gossip, rumors, and time spent filling in the blanks.  Look at it from the staff's view; they don't know as much as you do when it comes to the "ins" and "outs" of the company.  Take some time to share pertinent information with your staff so that they may continue working with a peace of mind.


7. Just Be Genuine

Whichever methods you choose to implement, the most important thing to remember is that you do so out of complete genuine interest and concern for your employees.  Forced office socials and cheap thoughtless gifts can be seen as such and can cause more damage than good.

Morale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose.  Good morale means employees are productive, collaborate better, miss fewer workdays, and feel more satisfied by their work.  If people feel good about their team, they'll work seamlessly towards a common goal.  Alternatively, when a company lacks morale, it will suffer.

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